Joyful Noise Nursery School & Daycare May Newsletter

Notes from the Acting Directors

Welcome to the Joyful Noise May Newsletter. May has been a busy month, starting off with Spring celebrations. Pre-k had an enjoyable day for the field trip to Simon’s Park, the children got to learn about animal rescue and meet, among other animals, a chinchilla from the visitors from Eyes of the Wild, and everyone had their pictures taken, despite the windy weather! We would like to send out a big thank you to Joyful Noise teachers and staff for all of your support and patience! We remain impressed at the wonderful job the staff does to make Joyful Noise the caring and loving place it is. Thank you also to our wonderful parents for sharing your children and the tasty treats and lovely gifts during teacher appreciation week. While we have enjoyed our brief time at JN, we are happy to announce that our Director is returning on May 24 after her maternity leave. Joyful Noise is blessed to have Shannon Graziani leading the team!

-Marcie Barwick & Kathy McNall


Program Highlights

STEAM: This month, we learned about wind by using the parachute to create wind. The children loved using pinwheels holding them up to a fan, making them spin. They also used a straw to blow a pom pom and a feather across the table. Next, we explored dinosaurs by doing a large dinosaur puzzle, sorting small, medium, and large dinosaurs, and using eye droppers and water to melt frozen dino eggs. Lastly, we read The Grand Old Tree and learned about planting and gardening. When shown a plant, the children were able to guess if it was a flower or a vegetable; it was a sunflower! They learned about what a plant needs to grow, explored seeds and bulbs, and sold flowers and vegetables at the farmers’ market. They also did a great job identifying numbers as they found flowers marked 1-10 in a scavenger hunt.

BIBLE STORY: May brought us two beautiful Celebration Programs. I could not have been more impressed with the children. Their joy and enthusiasm was contagious. In Bible class, we will be focusing on Creation. The children will hear the Creation bible story as well as some Christian themed stories about our beautiful world. We will use the felt board, play with a blow-up Earth Ball because “God has the Whole World in His Hands’, and read a story outside. We will end May with the “Best of Bible” where we will read a poem and play some of the children’s favorite activities from class. I enjoyed having each and every one of the children in class this year

PreK COMPUTER/ENRICHMENT: Please see Mrs. Carvalho’s newsletter emailed at the end of the month. If you did not receive it, please email Remember we are still collecting any empty ink cartridges.


Important Dates

  • School Calendar
  • 5/24 – Picture Day Reschedules
  • 5/27 – Memorial Day Parade
  • 5/29 – Memorial Day; JN closed
  • 5/30 – Make-Up Pictures
  • 6/7 – Graduation
  • 6/8 – Last day for Nursery School

class (Daycare continues)

  • 6/9 – All Joyful Noise CLOSED
  • 6/19 – Summer enrichment program begin


Announcements & Reminders

Joyful Noise Graduation

Preschool (Rm. J) – 9:30

🎓 Preschool (Rm. E ) – 11:30 🎓 Daycare – 6:00


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