Joyful Noise Nursery School & Daycare April Newsletter

Notes from the Acting Directors

In this Joyful Noise April Newsletter we are excited to share the news of the arrival of Santino Theodore Graziani, born on March 29. Mom(Director of Joyful Noise), dad, and big brother and sister are doing well. Congratulations to the Graziani family! As acting directors of Joyful Noise, we are blessed to witness all the wonderful things that happen here due to the dedication of our awesome staff! Watching the children learn through play, steam activities, computers, music, and special visits has been fun. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the seeing eye. They had the opportunity to pet dogs who are currently being trained and they learned how the seeing eye dogs perform a very important service to people. The children have many other exciting activities to look forward to before the school year ends.


Marcie Barwick & Kathy McNall


Program Highlights


We started the month of April with some Easter activities in STEAM. In this Joyful Noise April Newsletter, kids filled and weighed eggs, tried balancing an egg on a spoon while walking, and used a scavenger hunt to identify specific eggs. They also practiced their hopping skills by jumping on the color or number called out. Next, we learned about rain and clouds. We used blue colored water, eye droppers, and shaving cream to observe how the clouds fill up resulting in rain. We also played with blue slime, strainers and water at the sensory table. Lastly, we are learning about earth day. We are also identifying things we can recycle as the children play with garbage and recycling trucks. We’ll also use the parachute and earth inflatables to get out our wiggles and use green and blue playdoh to create our planet earth. BIBLE This month’s lessons have focused on being closer to God. Our first lesson is Max Lucado’s, “You are special”, which focuses on trusting that God made you for a reason and that’s why you are special. The children came up with ways they are special. We will also talk about praying to God and the different ways one can do that. COMPUTER/ENRICHMENT: Please see Mrs. Carvalho’s newsletter emailed at the end of the month. If you did not receive it, please email We are still collecting any empty ink cartridges.


Important Dates

  • 4/26 – Visit from Morris Minute Men
  • 4/28 – Trivia Night Fundraiser
  • 5/2 – Spring Celebrations
  • 5/5 – last day of collections for North Porch* (*see separate email)
  • 5/16, 5/17 – Picture Day;

📷 (raindates: 5/23, 5/24)

  • 5/18 – PreK walking field trip to Simon’s Park
  • 5/23 -Visit from Eyes of the Wild


Announcements & Reminders


♫ Spring Celebration ♫ Tuesday May 2, 2023

Rooms A, B, C & D – 6:00pm

Rooms E, F, G, I & J – 7:00pm

The children are very excited and can not wait to sing for their families! We are busy practicing our songs & hand motions in music & bible class every week! See you all in the Sanctuary on the 2nd.


See PDF of April Newsletter Here:

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Dear Joyful Noise Families.

Joyful Noise would like to assist the Presbyterian Church of Morris Plains on an important mission project for North Porch Women and Infant Center.  North Porch is an organization that helps to provide critical supplies for babies, toddlers and mothers in need, with multiple locations in New Jersey, including Dover, Hackettstown and Morristown. With Mother’s Day around the corner we would like to honor the mothers by creating gift bags for the young mothers and clients of North Porch. Please prayerfully consider donating personal care items to this project and sharing God’s love and caring for these young mothers for Mother’s Day. 


Suggested donations for the mothers include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and deodorant.  We will accept donations until Friday, May 5 or bring them to the celebrations on May 2. Gift bags will be assembled and delivered in time for Mother’s Day. 


North Porch Women and Infant Center is also in need of diapers(especially large sizes 4,5,6 and pull ups), wipes, diaper rash cream, baby shampoo, and enfamil powdered baby formula and soy formula. They also are accepting opened packs of diapers that your children may have outgrown as well as unopened formula.

Please reach out to Kathy McNall and Marcie Barwick with any questions, 973-539-9514.

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